How Your Customer Choose the Suppliers

December 12, 2017 | By: 639 0

First of all, we need to know the structure of customer cost when they importing goods:

Product price(CIF/FOB/EXW)+ custom fee + VAT +determinate custom fee + transportation fee + bank fee + other fee.

First choose:

Customers will be compared based on their domestic prices, if our offer is higher than their domestic price, they no need to import from us. Except you’re the famous brand.


Second choose:

If customer is middleman,they will add their target margin and compare with the end customer target price. If our quote much higher than their end customer target price,we will be knock out. But if our product is unique,and own great benefit,customer will bargain with ours,as their margin is solid, so they will pushing us to provide the best price again and again. When we meet this kind of customer,only we can do is stand on their perspective to consider & help them how to get this order. Making money together is the best way.

After 2 rounds of choose, customer will keep 2 or 3 suppliers, the next step is to choose the best quotes based on the three suppliers, their quality / price / quantity and other factors.