Invisible Cost in Company

November 11, 2017 | By: 699 0

Operating a company requires a lot of costs, rental charge,salaries,promotion charge and etc. These charges are visible,so if we attention it,we can control them easily. But many of costs are invisible, we often ignore them,these costs will brings the terrible influence. 

Communicate Cost

We spend a lot of time for communicate with our colleagues, we hope we can communicate to him/her once to know what I want. Of course, it is ideal circumstances. But when you repeated communication for one thing with the same people, and cannot get the satisfied results, you definitely will feel very tired. There are 2 reasons will lead this kind of problem:

a. The people which contact with yours cannot get your point.

b. You expressed is not clear.

  If option B, we should reflect by ourselves, but if the fact is option A, you will have bad feeling on it. Therefore, find the smart people & work with them is very important. A like-minded people work together can bring high efficiency. Decreased a lot of the communicate cost. 

Trial Mistake Cost

For instance, recruitment staff. I believe most of us have deep feeling on this part. Some interviewee looks good but when they taking the post on formal way, they cannot play their potential. At this time, many company start to get fire this kind of career. Once you do it, the energy, the time which you putting on this career will have lost ever. If you don’t do that, you will come under even bigger time cost. The flow of career too frequently also will bring the negative impact of company.

These costs can estimated?Obviously,it is very difficult. But we all know how dangerous it can be. Thus, building the reasonable system to control these costs is essential. Even if you're small company.