Think about the Management

November 11, 2017 | By: 713 0

If you want to receive your own one,you must give first. But sometimes,the result is just the contrary. Many problems happened after you created the good enough terms for your employees. How to implement your company policy?

From relaxed working environment to the strict environment,it is easy to arouse resentment of employees. But we have to bear this,because we can see clearly that employees satisfaction didn’t convert to the work efficiency. The exist management model is plan to use the complete welfare to make them have a thankful heart, to make their job by their consciously. But now you may find, it is impossible.

Thus, we need change our management method, I included 3 point as below:

1. Must have one stern-looking people as the manager.

Gentleness manager is useless for the people who often like play tricks. At this time, you must have a pressure power, make the stress condition for those people, let them know if you don’t follow the rules, you will pay the consequences. This is very important. That’s not means your manager can tends to throw a tantrum for no reason, he or she just strict to implement the company policy.

2. Administrative personnel cannot be a nice guy.

When your company have 20 or more people, it is definitely will have the different opinions. Based on the management part, every decision must have predisposition, even will hurt someone interest. At this moment, if you be a nice guy, consider everyone thought, you will lose your majesty, would hardly convinced by others. Finally, the decision cannot implement.

3. Setting the rules of punishment, facilitate the execution.

If the rules of punishment cannot touch their interests, it doesn’t work and have no exemplary.

Charlie Xu