Lightning & USB Type-C Design Pros and Cons of Each(3)

November 11, 2017 | By: 670 0

Electrical current

Lighting with 2.4A max, the real current is around 2A.

Type C can reach 3A,the standard setting around 5A(with E-Mark chip).

Adapt to Quick Charge Technology

Lighting is designed by 2A current,so according to itself designed Quick Charge Technology just same as QC 2.0,use the high voltage.

No matter you use the QC/PE/FCP which are the high voltage for charge,or you use VOOC/PE3.0/Huawei SCP which are the large current for charge,or integrated high voltage & large current---USB PD quick charge protocol,just change the data cable,then Type C can run all these technologies.

But unfortunately, when setting the PD3.0 standard, apple use the non-standard 14.5V to messed up;now PD only can make such like QC2.0 technology to use the fixed voltage for adjustment.


In the future,Type C standard will update constantly,integrated all of consumer electronic industry’s interface,except for RJ 45 connector. And then increase the current transmission ability,with the 2 ways Type C cable popularity to benefit all the devices.