Lightning & USB Type-C Design Pros and Cons of Each(1)

November 11, 2017 | By: Mengtop 650 0

First of all, here is the conclusion:

1. Lighting connector has become out of date. It is unfair that use the iPhone 5 times standard to compare with the constant revision and perfection USB type C.

2. Under these situations,apple stick to use the lighting connector to now,it is injustice.


Lighting data cable (USB2.0+2.4A current carry capacity),remove to the certificates charges of MFI,the cost is same as USB micro-B data cable with nice quality. The real cost around RMB 5.

But the MFI certificated chip often need around 3 to 4 dollars!This is unreasonable and useless.

If use the USB Type C:

If you choose USB 2.0+2A capacity,the cost around 3-5RMB,depends on the material of cable.

If you choose USB 3.1+3A capacity, the cost will be 2 or 3 times for USB 2.0. Around 10+ RMB.

3A Type-C data cable can provide much better quality and ability than lighting cable. Search on Amazon or ebay,you will find the same results.

Just want to say: No comparison, no harm.

MFI & E-Mark chips

MFI: 1. Official authorities and perfect compatibility with all apple device.

2. First class design meet apple device designed style.

3. After the strict test and ensure the quality.

4. Provide credible guarantee.

OK,4 points seems like the product listing you will seen on Amazon. Let we see step by step: apple device designed style... If you're the trader and come to China before, you definitely have seen a lot kind of lighting cable in factory, do their meet the apple designed style?We all know MFI certificates can entrusted by the third part to make, as long as you paid the charges.

3. Along to the smartphone industry raised,many of China factory start to production the lighting cable,and their quality are also update constantly. Personally, much better than iPhone gives cable.

4. That is mean: Give me tax, because I am the apple.

The key is 1, compatibility with apple device. Nothing on any technology,nothing for any security,it is purely grab your money---if you buy my chip,I will give you compat. If not, I’ll update my iOS, then you figure it out by yourself.

MFI chips are totally ineffective with security, data transfer and power transmission. But their quote is on there, 3 dollars started, making hard for you.