When the world is folded, you have a lot of opportunities.

November 11, 2017 | By: Mengtop 682 0

After 2000,The Internet industry raised, The times are accelerating.

We can hear Las Vegas shooting immediately,we can know the Wall street stock market crash at first time. The overseas student can talk with their relative with video chat. All above these are only separated by a layer of screen. 

When I was young, I thought hometown is the enormous city。From one side to other side, that is a long-distance travel in my imagination. Now, I found the world is same as a child hometown, when the times continue to lifted us, the world is becoming a village.

When the world is shrinking, the dividend starts to lose. The first disappear thing is identity dividend.

Because of the wonderful life yearning, the earlier returnee always has a light. They always feel better than others. But with the returnee increase, this kind of superiority has gone rapidly. The experience of studying abroad can make your resume better but cannot prove your ability.

Then the model of dividend starts to disappear. At the early of 90’s to 00’s, the age of information asymmetry, if you find the advanced technology or business model in overseas, moved them in Chia, it will become the fortune. You may know Alibaba founder---Jack Ma, Tencent (QQ/Wechat)founder---Pony Ma, they all do the same thing---moved the new to China.

But now the time is totally different, even some oversea company start to copy China internet innovate.   

The last disappear dividend is the overseas qualification.

Start from the 2000, many middle-class family start send them children to the developed country to study and this phenomenon still to now. But after these kids finished their academic and back to China, they meet difficulties in employment. Except for the Ivy League, many of them disappearing in the crowd. Now in China, 44.8% returnee income is around RMB6000 or less, 83.1% thought their major is not match the job.

If you still use the old thinking mold, you will only have a bitter fruit.

In fact, the change already happened.

We still like adventure, but not go to the unknow country using the gamble way. We will carefully to know the world and find the most suitable ourselves chance.

We still recommend learning in developed countries, but we will be more concerned about the ideological system and international perspective.

We still travel around the world, but not lined up of the luxury shop, we start to enter the museum and cultural centers. Enjoy after the world be folded that brings us culture advantages.   

Last year, when I was in Rome airport, there have a piano on 2rd floor, people can play the music for free. A middle-age Chinese man works over to the piano, sit down, and paly a song and a song, many people from different place stop and listen. Just like the micro world. They may don’t know the meaning of the song, but when the ends, they all applaud him.

The world already become a stage, every excellence people will be the protagonist.