Mini 20000mAh Power Bank

The minimum 20000mAh power bank on the market!

Fit Charge Technology

Our proprietary Fit Charge technology automatically detects and delivers the fastest safe charging rate for your devices.

Type C Output & Input

The 20,000mAh capacity can charge an iPhone 7 6.5 times, a Samsung Galaxy S7 4.7 times or an iPad Mini 2.4 times. With Type C Output & Inputs can meet your daily requirement. Like 3 ports power bank.

Rapid Recharge

Fully recharged in 8.5 hours via a 2.4A USB wall charger, featuring both micro-USB and Type-C inputs for maximum compatibility.


Micro Input5V/2A
Type C Input & Output5V/2A
USB Output 15V/1A
USB Output 25V/2.1A
Rated Power74Wh


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